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Connect with  David:


My name is David "Wire" Heinsohn and I have had a desire to exlpore the arts most of my life.

With experience in most of the standard mediums, I now usually paint with thick acrylics that are applied with a painting knife, brush, or both, and occasionally paint an oil or two from time to time.

Most of my works begin with a blank canvas and with no preconceived subject.  An exception to this is the 61 cartoon race series and the 500 realistic face series called the "Covid Series" which was done during the two-year epidemic.  The 61 emerged from doodle sketches which were enlarged.


After applying a few lines or splashes of color, I began to seek out a design and develop it from there.  The end hardly ever resembles the beginning. The overlays and glazes build up texture that to me enhances the painting.

The majority of my works are designed to invoke a mood or reaction with a minimum of detail.

Although I have a Rice Lake address my wife and I live closer to Weyerhaeuser just a couple of miles south of the Blue Hills.  The majority of my formal art training was acquired while attending the University of Eau Claire and Bismarck Junior College.   


While learning the techniques of watercolor painting I researched at least 30 books that were written by famous artists.  I have always visited the art galleries whenever they were within reach. One of my projects involves welding "found objects" from out of the ground that i find while using my metal detector and combining them with other metal parts and pieces to resemble a dog, a frog, a face, or a man holding an old shotgun which i call "Major Mudd".  He will greet you if you come into my driveway.  Over the years I have learned to play several musical instruments and sometimes paint a musical theme of players that are somewhat whimsical.  Again this year i will be hosting the music at the Steam Engine Days north of Barron in June.

I am currently the president of the Rice Lake Chapter of the Gold Prospectors of America where we have summer outings of gold panning, coin,and artifact hunts along with monthly meetings in the winter.  In between all of that i hunt, fish, and make a few trips to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to gather native copper. 


Retirement is good.


Opening:  June 3, 2023, 3-5:30 p.m.  

Exhibit Dates:  June 2023 

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