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I paint mostly abstract because it allows me to layer and build the picture plane as I choose. Something recognizable usually emerges; a face, flora, fauna, etc.  I don’t plan, objects just appear.  Then the dialogue begins….


During graduate school, and later when I taught college, I was drawn to realism.  That changed when I began an art program at an alternative school.  I worked alongside junior and senior high school students and taught them in a way that soon became my approach.  I recognized something valuable in that method that I could translate into my own work.


The next chapter included moving to Hayward and landing at Art Beat.  I’m trying new things because I’m working in an environment that’s freethinking, positive and visually stimulating.  I’m looking forward to this adventure and what I can offer to share.



Undergraduate in Art Education

Masters in Fine Art

Purdue University-West Lafayette, IN

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