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Connect with  Molly:


Molly evolved from a left-brain accountant into a right-brain freestyle creative artist.  Mediums: sketching, oils and acrylics, pottery and clay, and now more into glass fusing mixed with found objects.  The right-brain “I must create” pairs well with the left-brain “we can solve any problem,” and manifests in a whimsical, bright outlook, in which she shares the joys and delights of nature and her surroundings.  Molly has lived in many places:  the east coast, midwest, north and south, and now retires to Hayward, WI as a 4th generation resident.  One constant is proximity to water, a requirement for the soul.

Glass fusing is an exciting medium, because it requires patience, and vision into how glass behaves at many different temperatures.  The result of a kiln firing is usually a pleasant surprise, and never what you expect.  I’m just getting started. 


Join me in my journey!




Molly Pagenkopf

Opening:  August 5, 2023, 3-5:30 p.m.  

Exhibit Dates:  August 2023

bass plate.jpg

Bass Plate

red wave.jpg

Red Wave


coral bowl.jpg

Coral Bowl

cran fest.jpg

Heron 2

water lillies.jpg

Water Lillies

jumping bass.jpg

Jumping Bass


Heron 1

Cran Fest

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