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Basket Weaving

by Denise Williams

Connect with Denise:


From artistic to practical, large to small, my baskets are handmade using various types of reed and weaving

methods.  I started weaving baskets almost 40 years ago when my sister invited me to a basket-weaving

class her friend was teaching.  My sister didn’t catch the bug but I did!  Since then, I have made many baskets

for family and friends but never really considered myself an “artist”.  I am sincerely honored when someone

truly loves and uses a basket I have made and I consider it an honor to have one of my baskets find its “home”

as each is a labor of love and time. 


I grew up in Michigan and have been visiting Hayward since coming here on my honeymoon over 40 years

ago.  My husbands’ family is from the area and it was our vacation spot with our two children for most of their

childhoods. A few years after my husband retired, we moved to Hayward in 2007, built our dream home, and

have loved the area ever since.  Basket weaving has been my “artistic” outlet over all these years and

provides me with such pleasure to see the finished project.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I have

enjoyed making them.

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Basket Weaving

Exhibit Dates:  June 1 - 20, 2024

Opening:  June 1, 2024, 3-5:30 p.m.  

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