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Connect with  Judith:


I am a visual artist, working primarily in acrylic, collage, mixed media, and drawing.

"I have had a life-long fascination with shapes, textures, contrasts, and relationships. Whether I'm looking at a landscape, a city, or a bowl of fruit, it's the interaction among the forms that I find most exciting. I have several ways to begin a new piece: One is to begin with a relatively realistic rendering of a subject. I then leave the source material and let the painting itself carry me along. As I paint I do not attempt to imitate some pre-determined reality. The second approach is to begin completely randomly, covering the surface with color and texture. From there I begin to pull out (or impose) shapes, and then just let the painting tell me what step to take next. With either method of beginning, it is a step-by-step process. It is the process (the journey, if you will) that I find the most exciting part of making art.

I consider each painting to be a unique entity in and of itself , the result of this exploration of shapes and relationships. "


Judith Bergerson holds a degree in Fine Art from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, with additional work at The California College of Arts and Crafts, St. Cloud State University, Dominican College of San Rafael, and C.W. Post College of Long Island University. In addition she has participated in numerous workshops with nationally known artists, including Steven Quiller, Louise Cadillac, Virginia Cobb, Al Brouilette, Bob Burridge, Skip Lawrence, and Gerald Brommer. She has taught art in the public schools as well as in a variety of private classrooms and workshops. She works primarily in painting (acrylics), drawing,  collage, and mixed-media. She is a signature member of the National Collage Society.

"The Many Layers of Judith Bergerson"

Opening:  July 30, 2022, 3-6 p.m.  

Exhibit Dates:  July 30 - August 30

Red Strata.jpg

Red Strata

8"x8"  encaustic

Twilight Flight.jpg

Twilight Flight   24"x36"   acrylic/colored pencil

Marina Series.jpg

Marina Series #1   20"x30"  acrylic

Along the Bluffs.jpg

Along the Bluffs,  18"x18"   acrylic/colored pencil

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